“For parents who don’t want their child to be alienated from their Indian roots, there’s Little Ustaads, a class that is based on the same philosophy. At Little Ustaads (classes are conducted in New York and Mumbai), toddlers up to four years of age and their moms encounter classical tunes, vocals and mini Indian instruments. According to the website, each session is supposed to “encompass the secrets and charm of traditional music presented in a contemporary style to promote emotional development, hand and eye coordination, mental stimulation, auditory refinement and exploratory play in a fun and effortless manner”. Moms swear that their kids are getting musical already.“You may not see it in the first session, but yourealise after a few

months,” says mom Janita Sharma, whose oneyear-old has done only one term. “You can tell in the way they hum or sing even basic songs.” Times of India, The Crest Mumbai, Nov 28 2009